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I-95.com is a lifestyles site with our target audience as the mature East Coast resident and leisure or business travellers...those travelling both from and to the East Coast of the United States.

Our visitors tend to be upscale with disposable income who request particular, brand-name items. They know what they want but are open to new ideas and can be influenced by new trends. They seek quality experiences and items which last. Individual product offerings do extremely well here.

The I-95.com crowd are conservative yet are trend-setters, trend-followers, jet-setters and "with it". They've earned that right.

I-95.com offers sponsorships, including ROS or product or location category. We also have special features including advertorial opportunities at different times of the year. There are both syndicated articles on I-95.com as well as original content offerings.

The upcoming feature segment calendar includes an East Coast perspective on:

  • 6/11 - Real Estate: Coastal Properties, Green Properties, Hotel Properties
  • 6/18 - Entertainment: Summer TV
  • 6/25 - Books: Women's Fiction

  • 7/2 - Foods: Breakfast Foods
  • 7/9 - Transportation: Cars, Trucks, Boats, Yachts, RVs, Private Planes
  • 7/16 - Travel: Las Vegas, New York, 50 States, Spa/Golf, Ski Resorts, Adventure Retreats, Spiritual Retreats
  • 7/23 - Leaders
  • 7/30 - Men: Fashion, Boy Toys

  • 8/6 - Essentials for Your Home, Summer Cuisine, Niche Shopping, Leadership, Multi-lingual Market
  • 8/13 - Customer Relationship, Your patio, Summer Reading, Native American Style, Back to School
  • 8/20 - Italy, MTV, Movers & Shakers, The Wonders of Florida, Florida Universities
  • 8/27 - Fall Fashion Essentials, Spas, Personal Finance, Woman-Friendly businesses, Retirement 2007 Style

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